Someday, I’ll blog about pastures. About green. About deep, deep valleys, and an asthma-less me running in between them. Someday, I’ll blog about needs which have been quenched. I wonder if quenched needs are any fun to write about.
Someday, I’ll blog about smiles. I’ll write a whole post. Dedicated only to smiles. Their smiles. I’ll write sharply and precisely, so that when you read it, you shall see the smile, as if it were a photograph. I’ll talk of the exact curve of their lips; I’ll tell of the hint of lip balm on the lips; I’ll wax eloquent about the teeth. Yes, teeth, I’ve realized, are very important. I’ll write about the smiles, without writing about the effect that they induce in me. Because that, as they say, is a whole different story.
Someday, I’ll blog about contentment, and what that feels like. Someday, when I might know what contentment feels like.
Someday, I’ll blog about pouring summer rains, and making love in the mud. Someday, when I might know what making love in the mud feels like.
Someday, I’ll blog about the Unsaid. I’ll blog up a storm, like that which it engulfs me with, and I’ll write about all the smiles, the tears, the wonder, the frustration, the heartbeat and the heartbreak. I’ll write about how it meant jokingly little, and how it meant painfully much. I’ll blog and blog and blog, until I shall have recreated it all. Because, by God, I could live it again. And again. Perhaps again.

It’ll be fun. πŸ™‚