Oh what I would give to hear your voice, to nestle in the velvet warmth of it, each time you say my name. To surrender my knots and tangles to your loving patient hands and feel each release like a small miracle. To sit so close to you I could feel your breath and watch your eyes watch mine for years and years. To let you piece me together bit by bit like the most complex jigsaw puzzle you’ve ever known, and to let you fill in the missing pieces with your kisses. To let myself drown in the depths of your brown eyes. To sink into your arms, and do that little jiggle of yours. So hold my hand baby? Like the first time you held it, so tenderly. Oh baby, don’t you realize I miss you? Oh baby, why throw this all away? Baby, oh baby…?

What I would give to be yours, in this moment. Right now.

Jab yaar karay parwa meri, mujhe kia parwa iss duniya ki.